Flash Dryer Made in Nigeria

This 6-cyclone flash dryer was manufactured by a Nigerian, Mr Idowu Adeoya. It was on display at a trade fair in Lagos recently.   Please see more on page 9 of the print edition.    Photo: Augustine Aminu

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  1. Uyakonwu ugochukwu

    Hello. I’d like to have a flash dryer locally fabricated . Can I get Mr Idowu Adeoya’s email or contact

    1. Admin

      Try reaching him on: adeoyeid@gmail.com

  2. Will Smith Ncha

    Please I’m interested in this flash dryer. I’d like to have Mr Idowu’s contact/email for further information.


    1. Admin

      Try reaching him on: adeoyeid@gmail.com

  3. Adeyoyin Olajumoke A.

    I’m interested in the flash dryer for my powder pap.

    1. Admin

      Try reaching the maker Adeoye on: adeoyeid@gmail.com

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